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Your Feedback on Our COVID-19 Response

Over the last six weeks, we’ve collected feedback from you about how we’ve been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what we learned:

  • You really love our wide array of health-promoting recipes. Make sure to check out our immunity-supporting recipe category!
  • You’re also learning a ton from our blog posts; make sure to check out our recent blogs about starting a home garden (fewer trips to the grocery store!) and how to get your kids interested in cooking (more time for you!).
  • You’re finding a real benefit from using our meal planner and ordering your groceries through Zipongo. In addition to being a convenient and time-saving way to order groceries right now, it’s also keeping your healthy eating on track.

We heard you: many of you offered valuable feedback regarding what else you’d like to see from Zipongo, and we’ll be sure to keep these ideas on our radar. In fact, we’ve already turned several of your ideas into content, including our upcoming post about combining pantry items with foods that are on their way out–thank you for the inspiration!

  • Many of you are looking for support beyond nutrition, including how to prioritize your mental health or how to balance your time now that your children are home all the time.
  • In order to reduce trips to the grocery store, you’re interested in learning more about substitutions for ingredients that you don’t have on hand or can’t find at the store right now.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey, and thank you for helping us make Zipongo an even better tool for your journey towards improved health.

Didn’t get a chance to submit your thoughts? We’re always accepting feedback–here’s the survey!

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