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Many Foodsmart teammates are dietitians, epidemiologists and physicians who’ve been thinking through how to help our own families grapple with the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. We know that you and your loved ones have also been facing risks, fears and challenges brought on by COVID-19.  To help you, and each other, we’ve created a toolkit for the coronavirus pandemic. Following the toolkit is a video demonstrating parts of your toolkit and a letter to you from our CEO & Founder.

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  • Invite household members in Zipongo to meal plan and order food for delivery to your loved ones whether near or far (currently only available on Web)

Hello friend/ stranger/ fellow human, from across the Internet, here in California. 

Yesterday, I worked from home, but I took an hour away from videoconferences to teach “science class” to my 3 boys; we counted seeds, planted them, and talked about how they grow.  I guess that makes sense since Foodsmart is a nutrition company, and since Foodsmart helps people assess their diet, create a meal plan and then… wait for it… eat a lot more plants. How, you ask?  The FoodSmart part connects to Zipongo Marketplace, where you can buy those plants (and other stuff you need) for delivery of groceries from your favorite store on Instacart, Amazon Fresh, meal kits or heat-and-eat meals you can save in the freezer.  Foodsmart also highlights discounts to help you save money and invite loved ones- like older parents- to allow them to get help with food ordering. 

My boys figured, in case of continued grocery store shortages, we should plant some of our own food and become self-sufficient.  We also looked for Toilet Paper Seeds, which we figured must grow on trees, but all we had around were Kale, Carrots and Squash. The boys reminded me that the roots suck up water and nitrogen from the soil, and the green leaves absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide (from us!).  I then explained that we would eat the squash, spit out the seeds, and help that plant sow its roots in fertile soil. They said that was gross. 

It’s a strange time.  And, as a physician, son, parent and friend- I’m worried for older adults, for people who have chronic diseases or are immunosuppressed and for what turn the world might take next.  And, yet, I’m also feeling grateful for this special time with my kids, which, I’ve sometimes felt the pace of the Internet has placed on a fast forward that has been hard to slow back down.  How are you doing? How are you feeling about the coronavirus epidemic? How are you feeling about this moment in time and where society is headed? 

Wherever it’s headed, our semi-quarantined state has been an adjustment for all.  Food shortages at grocery stores.  People at risk of pneumonia from infection–afraid to go into the grocery store, or on quarantine, and asking for help with food buying or delivery.  Parents looking for guidance on what to feed kids all day long, especially lower-income workers with kids on free lunch programs.  Conflicting information about what can truly support your immune system and make a difference during the pandemic. Hint: Unclear that oregano oil helps, but it is well studied that lowering blood glucose levels reduces risk of death from community acquired pneumonia.  In other words, overcoming the whispers of their now freshly stocked pantry of snacks — “I’m a potato chip only 5 feet from your work-from-home desk; eat me and I will make you forget the news!” — can actually make a real difference for everyone. 

Feel free to contact us at if there is anything we can do to help you use Foodsmart services sponsored for you by your employer, health plan or therapeutics company.  If you don’t have access, you are also welcome to email us, and we will help you create an account, in support of helping everyone be Foodsmart while overcoming this pandemic.  

Stay safe, and enjoy some home cooking, 

Jason Langheier, MD, MPH

CEO & Founder, Foodsmart

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