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4 Flavorful Salt Swaps to Eat Less Sodium

Reducing your sodium intake can be tough when it’s hiding in so many of our food options. The best way to ensure that you’re not over-consuming sodium is to cook at home. It’s your kitchen – you control what goes into your food.

We certainly recognize that this can be a logistical and creative challenge for some. You can lighten the load by purchasing low-sodium or salt-free products (especially soups, sauces, bread, meats, and cheeses). These can lend a hand when you’re cooking. We’re here to support you by offering creative and simple ideas for keeping your meals just as flavorful as ever!:

1. Add aromatics.

Two ingredients that can be stars of any good meal are onion and garlic. Together, they enhance and complement flavors already present in the dish. Whether you sauté them fresh or sprinkle on the (salt-free) powder, this is a go-to pair.

2. Spice things up.

Spices offer limitless options and are sure to make your meals dynamic. They can bring warmth, earthiness, and zing to any dish. Similarly, herbs add flavor and fragrance, whether bought fresh or dried. If you are looking to keep it simple and more cost-friendly, there are many sodium-free blends available, including meat rubs or soups.

3. Incorporate some acidity.

Adding tang with vinegar or citrus is another option for both sweet or savory meals. Experiment with the juice or zest of lemons, limes, and oranges, or add a splash of your favorite vinegar.

4. Try a salt substitute.

Explore salt substitutes. Finally, consider trying a potassium chloride salt substitute. Many find they mimic salt, but some notice a metallic taste. You can’t know until you taste for yourself! Just keep in mind, this may not be an option for those limiting potassium intake.

Ultimately, your options for flavoring are truly endless! Your food will still be delicious – full of life, flavor, and dimension – even with less salt.

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