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Is Sugar Bad for You?

Is it really healthier to eat unrefined sugars, fruit sugars, etc.? Or is it that the nutrients in things like fruits make up for the sugar content? Is it better to just avoid sugar altogether?

In short, you should avoid high fructose corn syrup and liquid forms of refined sugar.

  • Refined sugar crystals are a little, but not much better.
  • Raw sugars like honey and maple syrup are a step up from refined sugars, because they haven’t been through the bleaching process and still retain some nutrients. On the other hand, they still have a fairly similar effect on your blood glucose.
  • If possible, try to satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits, which also give you a dose of fiber.
  • If you do end up eating a lot of sugar, drink a lot of water. Diluting the sugar in your stomach keeps it from getting absorbed as quickly and helps prevents insulin spikes.
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