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Introducing the Zipongo Holiday Gift-a-Meal

At Zipongo, we’ve been working really hard on planning and building a product we hope will encourage positive behavior change in the way people interact with food. A few weeks ago, we looked up from our design mockups and product roadmap and decided we wanted to create something for the holidays  something interactive and playful that we could share with friends. As a result, the Zipongo Holiday Gift-a-Meal was born.

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With the Zipongo Holiday Gift-a-Meal, you can send holiday eCards with healthified holiday recipes to any and all of your Facebook friends. All you have to do is choose a friend, pick a message and send it off. The recipe you send is decided by the different combination of sentiments you choose, so play around and see what happens.


You can also include a gift. Send $10, $20 or $50 to cover part or all of the cost of the ingredients for the recipe you’ve just chosen (and you’ll notice, we’ve got the ingredients with available in-store discounts marked, to help your gift dollar stretch a little more). The money is sent as PayPal cash, so really, it’s more like a gift card for anything on the planet  your friend can use it on whatever he or she wants. Still, it’s kind of fun to think that you just sent your friend a turkey dinner, isn’t it?


When you’ve decided on just the right messaging, send it off and your friend will see your gift as a link on his or her Facebook wall. From there, you can choose to send the same card to more friends, or make a new card to send just the right holiday message and healthified recipe to your best friend, your cousin in Houston or the childhood sweetheart who moved to Poughkeepsie. It doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or expensive to send all your favorite people a little something. Heck, it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all.


What do you think about the Zipongo Holiday Gift-a-Meal? Let us know.

Happy cooking and happy holidays, from our family to yours.

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